Prom is coming! Prom is coming!


Has your son or daughter come home talking about prom yet?!?! If so you know this can be a very exciting time in a high school student’s life! Thinking back to all my high school memories, prom is what always sticks out in my mind. If you’re smart (which I know you ALL are!) you know that prom days here in the salon tend to book up fast, therefore this post is to encourage you to book your daughters hair, make up, and nails ASAP! Also, like always, we have a few other tips!

1) Sit down with daughter and brainstorm hair and makeup ideas that will not only go with her outfit for the night, but will be something that you both are comfortable with her wearing. 

2)Book your hair, nails, and make up as soon as humanly possible!

3)Have we mentioned buy a dress?! (that IS kind of important!)

4)Make a tentative itinerary for the morning, afternoon, and night of prom. 

5)Do you know where your son or daughter will be eating or taking pictures. (this is a stressful one) (also friendship gardens is always PACKED go early early or late late)

6)Do you know how your child is getting to and from prom, post prom, or kings island?(if they still do that) 

7)Lastly, and least important does your child have a date? If not still encourage them to go with friends. This is one event you DON’T want them to miss out on!


After reading all of that, I’m sure you are a little overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, prom is over a month away, you have time! The best advice we can give you here, is to plan plan plan. Next to your daughters wedding, prom is one of the biggest memories she will ever have, so enjoy it!


We are taking appointments now for pre prom color touch ups and trims, also prom updos, make up and nails! Call us today! (317)839-0899


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