The Benefits of Salon Color


Ever wonder why your hair color looks completely flawless when you leave the salon? Here are a few good things to keep in mind that salon color does for your hair that box color cannot! At home coloring systems are made to penetrate all hair types regardless of its texture, porosity, and density. They also are formulated with metallic dyes, which are abrasive chemicals that usually decolorize, break, and dry your hair out. Here at Elements of Style we begin your color service with an “Image Profile” in order to get to know your hair, and to make a personalized formulation that best suits you!This “Image Profile” allows us to make decisions that will not only help you achieve a completely flawless color, but keep your hair healthy. With the help of our Davines color lines, we are able to offer a zero ammonia and vegan option as well as a more vigorous grey coverage option! Come see us at Elements of Style Salon and Day spa to create a hair color you’ll be bragging to your friends about!


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